Office Relocation

Outgrown your office? Is your lease break coming up soon?

It could be time to move on. But a smooth transition demands painstaking coordination. Building appraisals, cost comparisons, estimates and schedules. And that’s before you even begin to make the big move. Luckily, we know all the secrets to a successful office relocation? Just leave it to us.

First, we’ll help you compare and contrast every office on your shortlist.
  1. What will it cost to fit out?
  2. What will it cost to run, year on year?
  3. How it lends itself to your particular way of working?

We’ll help find the best home for your business, with enough room to grow in the future.

Next, we’ll draw up some inspiring office designs and then fit out your office to suit your brand, all to a fixed budget.

Taking the pressure off you

We’ll assign you your own dedicated project manager, to oversee every detail.

  1. How many square feet?
  2. What kinds of work areas?
  3. How much room to grow?
  4. What do your staff think?
Managing the big move

We do a lot more than the obvious. We’ll put together a communications programme, for example, so your team feel like they’re really part of your office relocation project. We’ll test and re-test all your IT and electrical systems rigorously, in plenty of time to solve any snags. Most importantly, we’ll make sure your office relocation date is set in stone, right from the start. So you can just step in, switch on and hit the ground running from day one

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